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The prestigious eight-day 45th music conference under the aegis of Bangalore Gayana Samaja started with traditional flavour. Veteran violinist Mysore Mahadevappa who is presided over the conference was conferred with the title of Sangeetha Kalarathna.

A full-fledged and power - packed violin duet by the famed brother violinist-duo Kumaresh and Ganesh held on the first evening of the conference (Sunday) heralded the feast of music that was to follow. The brothers are accomplished violinists marked by marvellous fluency and clarity of articulation. Their extraordinary extensions at the top octaves of their violins are remarkable. And their fingers move with felicity in any area of the instrument. The seasoned violinists are firm in the definition of the melodies and even in its production, the tone, diamond-bright. In addition, they produce exemplary sound and music with an unlimited and dynamic range of expressiveness or the ability to “colour” or shade the tone.

I admire and am impressed by their accuracy in their instrumental play; it is pretty to hear series of notes in rapid passagework quite well and securely. The brothers enthralled the rasikas with their aesthetics and artistry.

The zealous violin duet began with the Bilahari varna. Playing to a packed auditorium they rendered a rare and purely instrumental composition titled Raga Pravaham in Mayamalavagowla setting a congenial listening ambience. An enjoyable Sarasa saama daana in Kapinarayani was followed by a radiant Reetigowla. The delineation of Poorvi Kalyani raga for a fine Paramapavana Rama was notable for its brilliance and flexibility full of technical passages replete with scales, leaps and trills and pinpoint accuracy.

The selection of three ragas, tana and pallavi spoke volumes of their immaculate expertise and unfathomable manodharma. Kaanada, Bahudari and Hindola were the ragas and the pallavi was set to two kalai khanda triputal tala. The manodharmic exercises were in tune and with perfect rhythmic articulation, athletic agility, energetic and virtuosic violin play. The way they eagerly anticipated their next endeavours and each of them pushing or pulling the other to even higher levels of genius and skill, was praiseworthy. The Kannada composition Odi barayya Vaikunthapati with vocalisation by Ganesh was endearing. They were suitably supported by R Shankaranarayanan (mridanga) and Trichy Krishna (ghata).

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